Meet the OGCs: Kristin Kreuder

Meet the OGCs: Kristin Kreuder

Client satisfaction is the name of the game for Kristin Kreuder. She understands what clients need and expect from an attorney and consistently delivers, drawing on 25+ years of legal experience to provide clients with efficient, business-forward, and practical legal advice. Kristin is a corporate and commercial generalist, which means she handles a wide range of legal matters, from complicated financing transactions to routine contract review and everything in between.

Kristin’s decision to join OGC was based – in large part – on the opportunity it gave her to leverage this versatility and serve as “part-time GC” for many different clients. (To be fair, she was also enticed by the firm’s impressive portfolio of clients, autonomous practice model, and high caliber team of business savvy lawyers.) Her practice has always been broad-based, starting with her law firm experience which offered exposure to many transactional areas. Once Kristin went in-house, however, she broadened this skill-set and developed a keen business acumen that she continues to draw on today.

While in-house, Kristin realized that what truly energizes her is diving in and learning the intricacies of the business, developing trust relationships with key stakeholders, and providing support on a wide variety of legal and business issues. This “ah-ha” moment came early in Kristin’s in-house career after successfully guiding her company through a serious regulatory investigation. As she recalls, “more than just understanding the applicable rules and regulations, my knowledge of the company’s quality and assurance practices and the solid trust relationships I had built with the sales team enabled me to respond promptly to regulators and protect the company from harm.”

Having both white-shoe firm training and “real world” business experience as a GC under her belt, Kristin utilizes a big picture approach when analyzing risk and providing legal counsel. Being a “hired gun” for a specific issue or transaction or reviewing legal documents in a proverbial vacuum is not enough. For Kristin, the best engagements are those where she is adding value, on matters both big and small, as an indispensable member of the team.

More about Kristin Kreuder
Kristin is a frequent contributor to the firm’s blog, On-Demand Insights, and was a featured speaker in a recent webinar, “The OGC: A New Budgeting Strategy for Legal.” Outside of the office, Kristin is an active member of her Fairfield County, CT community, serving as an appointed member to the Weston Commission for the Arts and on the Board of the Women’s Guild at St. Francis of Assisi parish. She is an avid fisherman, certified sailor and also serves as Vice Commodore on the Board of Governors of the Minuteman Yacht Club in Westport, CT. Being on the water with her family is her happy place.

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