The OGC: A New Budgeting Strategy for Legal

The OGC: A New Budgeting Strategy for Legal
On-demand webinar - recorded on November 15, 2023

Learn about a new role in the legal ecosystem – the OGC. When companies consider their legal resourcing options in the era of “do more with less,” they tend to focus on one of three traditional choices: inside counsel, a law firm, or an alternative legal services provider (ALSP)/staffing agency. As legal and business needs continue to change, many GCs are finding instances where none of these are quite right. It can be difficult to add headcount, law firms can be too expensive, and ALSPs don’t always provide the right level of experience and quality of service. Fortunately, the legal service delivery landscape has also evolved to include the OGC.

Whether your company has a sizable legal team or is without a legal department at all, an OGC offers (1) the business mindset of an in-house lawyer; (2) the breadth and depth of an outside law firm; and (3) the flexibility of an ALSP.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The changes in the legal ecosystem that require a new method of work allocation
  • How to designate work properly among today’s service options (in-house, law firm, ALSP and OGC)
  • How to control legal budgets, without adding headcount