An OGC POV: The Missing Piece for Legal Operations

An OGC POV: The Missing Piece for Legal Operations

Whether companies have a mature legal operations function or aspirations to build one, everyone wants to better control legal spend. Legal ops functions have risen in number and stature on the promise of making spend more controllable and predictable. And while legal ops professionals have made great strides, as long as most legal work stays with expensive law firms, part of that promise remains unfulfilled.

One reason for this is the trust gap: Clients tend to inherently trust their law firms more than the other options such as alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). They have not found that missing piece that drives measurable cost efficiency while enabling faith in the quality of the work.

Fortunately, a new role in the legal ecosystem has proven to be the missing piece – the OGC. An OGC is a partner-level attorney with extensive in-house experience who can join the team without requiring additional headcount or paying traditional law firm rates.

To learn more about what legal operations departments need and how OGC provides the missing piece in legal resourcing strategies, we invite you to download the OGC POV by completing the form below.

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