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Client Case Study: Lotame

Outside GC and Lotame: Offering value-driven, part-time general counsel services in support of a growth-stage advertising technology company


Outside GC helps Lotame meet the legal needs of its fast-growing business units by providing bandwidth and specialized skills to the in-house legal team on an on-demand basis.


Lotame is a venture-backed, high growth technology company offering a cross-screen data management platform (DMP) that enables marketers, agencies and publishers to maximize the way they collect, unify, protect and activate audience data. In addition to their DMP, Lotame operates a global data network providing access to highly granular audience segments. By leveraging these tools, Lotame clients are able to intelligently monetize data, create premium properties, target more efficiently, and drive higher campaign performance and revenue.


When Lotame’s legal needs grew beyond the capacity of its sole in-house attorney in the fall of 2012, then-President and Chief Operating Officer Adam Lehman weighed the company’s options for engaging external counsel, focusing on relevant industry experience and flexible cost structures. Specifically, Adam wanted an advisor with significant ad-tech company experience who could support the negotiation and drafting of Lotame’s complex licensing arrangements with its customers. Because outside support would only be needed during times of high sales volume, Adam was not interested in hiring an additional in-house lawyer or engaging a traditional law firm at budget-busting rates.

Adam’s search led him to Bill Stone, managing partner and co-founder of Outside GC, after receiving several recommendations about the firm and exploring the credentials of its members. Impressed by the exceptional value of Outside GC’s model, Adam hired the firm to provide part-time legal support on an as-needed basis. Since then, the company has worked with Outside GC to handle its overflow licensing work. “Outside GC allows us to function like a larger, internal legal department without having to add headcount,” Adam says. “The cost savings are tremendous – and they come without sacrificing either quality or experience.”

An additional challenge met by Outside GC was supporting Lotame during the transition of its general counsel in 2014. Outside GC attorney Ted Stern first served as de facto general counsel for the company and then supported the onboarding of Lotame’s Vice President and General Counsel Tiffany Morris. Today, Outside GC continues to offer an affordable plug-in for the legal team, as well as subject matter experience when needed.


Outside GC has been a valuable partner of Lotame for two key reasons: experience and flexibility. Similar to most growth-stage companies, Lotame’s legal needs have been primarily managed by a sole attorney (today, the in-house team consists of two lawyers). Lotame has depended on Outside GC’s seasoned technology attorneys to provide experienced bandwidth for the general counsel, handling spikes in deal volume or filling in during her absence, including an extended absence for maternity leave. At the helm, Ted Stern brings over 20 years of experience as a legal and business advisor in the technology space and has handled numerous complex commercial licensing transactions. As Tiffany notes, “Ted’s adaptable, business-centric approach helps us to keep things moving at the pace demanded by our high-growth business needs. Ted is responsive and domain-savvy.”

In addition, Outside GC offers a depth of subject matter experience on its team, which Lotame can access on-demand and with relative ease. For example, Tiffany has asked Outside GC employment lawyer Christine Zebrowski to handle Lotame’s day-to-day employment issues at times when internal resources are stretched thin. Likewise, Outside GC lawyer Brian Heller has helped to augment the skill set of the in-house team by providing data experience in support of Lotame’s growing data network business unit.


Lotame’s legal needs have been well served by Outside GC over the years due to the significant industry-relevant experience of the Outside GC team, as well as the flexibility of its offerings. As a seasoned technology lawyer, Ted Stern has adeptly supported Lotame’s in-house legal team by handling complex licensing work on an as-needed basis, as well as by stepping in to serve as de facto general counsel during a transition in that role. Outside GC also helps Lotame by handling issues that fall outside the wheelhouse of the in-house team. In total, Outside GC’s legal services enable Tiffany and her team to provide responsive and effective support to Lotame’s management team in a highly cost effective way.

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