Client Case Study: inviCRO

Outside GC and inviCRO: Leveraging significant industry experience to serve a growth-stage life sciences company


Outside GC plays an instrumental role supporting inviCRO’s work in the life sciences field by providing industry-specific legal advice.


inviCRO is a dynamic life sciences company providing tissue-to-human services and software designed to advance the use of imaging in drug discovery and development research. By utilizing contract imaging and data analysis services and tools, customers can assess and visualize the value and efficacy of their new drug candidates across a wide-range of therapeutic areas. inviCRO’s projects span a wide-range of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to oncology, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, and immunology. inviCRO specializes in multimodality imaging study design, tailored data analysis, multi-modal imaging, radiopharmacology, and dedicated software for image visualization, data management and high-throughput image processing. With a diverse team of highly-specialized imaging scientists, inviCRO is able to develop sophisticated, proprietary tools and techniques allowing them to provide their customers with cutting-edge study support and data analysis for their research efforts.


The specialized nature of inviCRO’s imaging science services coupled with the high stakes outcomes of the life sciences industry required inviCRO to find a skilled legal advisor with an express understanding of their service offerings and the industry in general. Moreover, inviCRO’s growth-focused model would benefit from having an advisor with a practical and responsive approach to managing their expanding customer contract work.

Evan Mead, inviCRO’s Vice President of Operations, contacted Outside GC for several compelling reasons. Not only did Evan have a prior successful working relationship with the firm, he also knew that Outside GC has substantial experience counseling growth-stage life sciences companies. Equally important was Outside GC’s flexible approach to legal services, available at rates significantly less than those charged by traditional large law firms. In light of this fit, Evan hired Outside GC and was introduced to Jordan Karp, a member of Outside GC’s team with extensive experience in both the life sciences and technology fields.


inviCRO engaged Outside GC to handle its customer contracts and other important service agreements, as well as to provide risk management advice, because of Outside GC’s significant experience advising growth-stage life sciences companies. Specifically, Outside GC attorney Jordan Karp brings over 20 years of in-house legal experience as well as a business-centric approach to his legal work, enabling him to skillfully support inviCRO’s efforts to build its customer base and expand its service offerings. Jordan assists inviCRO with its customer contracts, ranging from those with large multi-national pharmaceutical companies to smaller bio-techs. He also helps them manage subcontracts with large, established contract research service providers.

Jordan has also supported inviCRO’s expansion into the clinical trial world by developing standard agreements structured to address the greater regulatory requirements associated with such projects, along with the attendant higher financial commitment on the part of both inviCRO and its customers. Furthermore, Jordan offers valuable industry advice, including practical risk assessments and industry benchmarks, to guide Evan and the rest of inviCRO’s management team. This ability to identify key issues in real time is what sets Outside GC apart from traditional law firm providers.

For services involving inviCRO’s proprietary software, Jordan helps revise and update their standard software license agreement. If and when needed, Jordan is also able to leverage the intellectual property expertise of Outside GC’s sister firm, Patent GC, boosting the efficiency of his relationship with the company.


Outside GC’s substantial experience in the life sciences industry enables inviCRO to solve critical legal and business issues with tremendous efficiency and focus. Outside GC attorney Jordan Karp plays a key role in the management of inviCRO’s customer contracts and other service agreements. Jordan also provides industry-specific advice in support of inviCRO’s growth objectives, all at highly affordable rates.

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