Empowering Business Growth: The Impact of An In-House Lawyering Approach

Empowering Business Growth: The Impact of An In-House Lawyering Approach

A recent article in Legal Dive on making the transition from outside to in-house counsel notes a key distinction between the roles – more than just a matter of who the client is — it involves a fundamental shift in perspective. A successful in-house lawyer must be capable of thinking like a businessperson to support company objectives. As Mosah Goodman, President of Top Talent Advocates, aptly puts it, in-house roles require “business acumen and an ability to deliver results on the commercial side.”

At OGC, we recognize the value-add that experienced in-house lawyers bring to an organization – specifically, the ability to deliver pragmatic, business-oriented solutions that not only mitigate risk but also drive growth and promote operational efficiency. Our firm was built on the premise that in-house lawyering is better for business; all of our attorneys are former GCs and senior in-house lawyers who bring a unique blend of legal and business experience to the table, which in turn enables us to provide our clients with the best of both worlds – sophisticated legal skills and an ability to align legal strategies with business objectives.

Put differently, effective legal advice is more than just citing the right case or drafting a legally sound contract. What truly defines exceptional legal counsel is the ability to translate legal acumen into tangible business value. Our team understands this implicitly, having spent a significant portion of their legal careers in-house. Our OGCs recognize that while it is important to mitigate risk, it is also critical to understand a client’s business objectives and enable growth and innovation by providing strategic advice in alignment with these goals. This approach requires a deep understanding of the organization’s culture, values, and industry landscape — a skill set that goes far beyond legal prowess and relies upon emotional intelligence and relationship-building skills.

This is what sets us apart at OGC and allows our team to deliver an exceptional client service experience. Because we’ve been on the business side, we understand the practical intricacies involved in supporting a business and what it takes to seamlessly integrate legal solutions with operational efficiency. Learn more about what makes OGC the provider of choice for companies of all sizes and industries. 

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