Big Law Profits Soar Compounding the In-House Budget Squeeze

Big Law Profits Soar Compounding the In-House Budget Squeeze

Could there be a more striking contrast than the operating environments that exist within Big Law and corporate legal departments? According to AmLaw 100 data, profits per partner were up an average of 9.3% in 2023. Meanwhile, corporate legal departments are struggling with a significant lack of resources across the board—from budget to technology, expertise and team structure—hindering their ability to perform their required tasks. The disparity is stark, to say the least, and the imbalance reflects a troubling trend where Big Law appears to prioritize maximizing profits over supporting clients who may be facing economic pressures.

As a businessperson, I’ve been asked to do more with less (a herculean task for sure); and at times like that, the sting of increased costs from my service providers was particularly hard to swallow. It seemed like there was a lack of partnership on their part, no understanding of the pressures I was facing, and worse, an effort to undermine my cost-saving measures. Clients deserve a better experience with their service providers; and at OGC, we are laser focused on delivering exceptional client service and customized legal solutions.

As a fully virtual, partner-only law firm, our model is intentionally designed to optimize efficiencies for the benefit of our clients. We provide experienced and sophisticated attorneys at a predictable hourly rate not seen elsewhere in the legal services market. And because our OGCs are former in-house counsel, they understand what our clients need most – pragmatic, business-forward advice delivered in real-time and a true understanding of what it means to “do more with less.” Our approach leads to greater efficiency, predictability in costs and accurate scope of work estimates, and a strong emphasis on delivering tangible results, all of which resonates with clients looking for transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Early on in my legal career, I had a conversation with a crusty old criminal defense lawyer about setting fees in criminal cases. He shared that it’s a two-step process—first, you figure out how much money your client has and then you take it. The same might be said about Big Law—while much of corporate America has been feeling the squeeze of a tight economic environment, it appears Big Law continues to increase its slice of the pie, squeezing every last nickel out of its client base. As our clients know, we offer a better alternative – a partnership that prioritizes their business goals and needs. And because we’ve served in-house, we understand why they want and deserve predictability, transparency and efficiency. OGC is a compelling alternative to the traditional model of legal service delivery. We invite you to learn more about us and our commitment to being Easy to Do Business With #ETDBW.

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