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New Export Control Rule and Classification for Biotech Software Used in Nucleic Acid Assemblers and Synthesizers

Commercial Tenants Need Flexibility – Here’s How to Get It

Biden Administration Proposes Stricter Buy American Act Requirements

It’s Time to Notice Your Notice Provisions

Connecticut Prohibits Age Inquiries on Initial Employment Application

New State Privacy Laws in Virginia and Colorado

Retroactive Change to California's Pay Premium Calculation

New York HERO Act: What You Need to Know

10 Tips to Bolster a Licensee’s Source Code Escrow Protections

GDPR-Compliant Organizations: Why You May Need an EU Representative

The New SCCs are Here!

Connecticut Amends Its Pay Equity Laws, Requiring Wage Range Disclosure and More

Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines for Employees: Just Because You Can (Maybe), Doesn’t Mean You Should

Massachusetts’ New COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Law

Contract Signed, Deal Done: 4 Important Next Steps

U.S. Imposes Travel Ban on Noncitizens Recently Present in India

Federal Trade Commission begins enforcement of COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act

New Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Law passed in California

Changing Tides in U.S. Labor Relations

Connecticut Follows Trend in Banning Hair Discrimination in the Workplace

F-1 students seeking OPT can now file Form I-765 online

Additional Insights into the Use of Force Majeure for COVID-19

5 Issues a Buyer/Licensee Should Consider Before Renewing Vendor Agreements/Licenses

The Privacy Shield is Dead: Next Steps for U.S. Importers of EU Data

9 Provisions to Look for in Corporate Recruitment Contracts

New York Mandates Paid Time Off for COVID Vaccinations

6 Key Issues in Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements

California Employers: Meal Period Rounding Is Not Permitted

9 Issues to Look for in the Payment Provisions of a Contract

The Privacy Shield is Dead: Here Come the New SCCs

Sexual Harassment in the Remote Workplace

OSHA Releases COVID-19 Guidance for the Workplace

Proposed Changes to HIPAA Privacy Rule in 2021

Massachusetts Court Says Online Terms of Service May Not Form Binding Contracts with Users

More Paycheck Protection Program Funds Available

Managing Hyperlinked Contract Terms

California’s Evolving Privacy Law Landscape

Rules for Being an Effective General Counsel

Walking the Talk: Codes of Conduct in Business

Key California Employment Laws for 2021

5 Steps for Increasing the Enforceability of Online Agreements

Election Season: Political Activities Tax-Exempt Organizations Should Avoid

OCR Right of Access Initiative Bares Its Teeth

Can Employers Mandate Vaccinations for Employees?

California Employers Take on Greater COVID-19 Liability

Department of Labor Clarifies Guidance on Use of FFCRA Leave for Various Types of School Re-Openings

California Expands Job-Protected Leave under its Family Rights Act

Updates to California's COVID-19 Safe Reopening Playbook + New FAQS

ADA Website Compliance Requirements

For California Employers: COVID-19 Safe Reopening Playbook Now Available

CCPA: The Final Regulations Are Out, Enforcement Can Begin!

The Privacy Shield is Dead: Now What?

Supreme Court Extends Title VII Protections to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

PPP Application Deadline Extended

Cookies and the EU User

GDPR v. CCPA: Privacy Legislation Cousins

Special Provisions in Termination Agreements - Part 2

President Trump issues new Immigration Proclamation

The Basics of Termination Agreements - Part 1

Free Online Harassment Prevention Training Now Available for California Employers

Why Nonprofits Should Care About Force Majeure Clauses

Paycheck Protection Program - Latest Updates

Remaining GDPR Compliant When Conducting Clinical Trials in the EU

Massachusetts Phase 1 Reopening Guidelines: Key Considerations for Employers

May 2020 Immigration Roundup

More Guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program

Seven Issues to Look for in Non-Solicitation Clauses

Additional Funds for the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program

President Trump Signs Immigration Proclamation Temporarily Restricting Entry for Some, Not All

The Coronavirus and Force Majeure

Does COVID-19 Impact GDPR Protections?

FAQ's issued by the SBA and U.S. Treasury Dept. for Paycheck Protection Program

Comparing the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Programs

Avoiding Layoffs: An Overview of the Employee Retention Credit and Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES Act

Application and Guidance Now Available for SBA Paycheck Protection Program

The SBA’s New “Paycheck Protection Program” under the CARES Act

Limited Waiver of HIPAA Penalties for Provision of Telemedicine during COVID-19 Crisis

Alternatives to Layoffs in Massachusetts During the COVID-19 Crisis

Understanding the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

5 Tips to Optimize Your 'Work from Home' Arrangement

3 Considerations for Nonprofits when Conducting Internal Investigations

COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” Orders Issued for San Francisco Bay Area Counties

Preparing your Business for Coronavirus: 8 Tips for Employers

Key Issues in a SOW - part 3 of 3 - from the vendor perspective

Key Issues in a SOW - Part 2 of 3 - from the customer perspective

Tips on How to Write or Review a Statement of Work (SOW) - Part 1 of 3

Trump administration restricts travel from mainland China in response to the coronavirus

California’s New Mandatory Sexual Misconduct & Abuse Reporting Requirement

Highly Negotiated Provisions of an Independent Contractor Agreement

How To Protect Your Copyrighted Material With the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

A Closer Look at Independent Contractor Relationships & Agreements

Managing Nonprofit Risks: Executive Compensation

You've Been Served. Now What?

Understanding the CCPA: Key Provisions and Readiness Checklist

Nonprofit Board Fiduciary Duties

Practical Considerations in Merchandise Licensing Agreements

Lean on Me: The Unofficial “Mentor” Role of an On-Demand GC

California Upends Independent Contractor Relationships with AB 5

Deadline to Complete CA's Mandatory Harassment Training Extended One Year to 1/1/21

New York's SHIELD Act Bolsters Data Security

A Closer Look at Indemnification Clauses

Nonprofit Regulation Compliance: Sweepstakes and Other Prize Promotions

The Basics Of Contract Damages

Dissecting Key Legal Provisions for the Business Team

In-House Counsel’s Balancing Act: Managing Risk without Stifling Growth

OCR Fact Sheet Clarifies Instances of Business Associate Direct Liability under HIPAA

New Requirement for U.S. Visa Applications

What Nonprofits Should Know About Anticorruption Laws

Reading the Tea Leaves: What Do GDPR Enforcement Efforts Tell Us?

Leveraging the GDPR Experience to Comply with the CCPA

An Overview of the U.S. State Fundraising Regulations for Tax Exempt Organizations

Key Issues in Commercial Real Estate Leases for Life Sciences Tenants

California Employers: Don't forget FEHA's Mandatory Harassment Training

Negotiating a "Win-Win" in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Practical Considerations under HIPAA for “Business Associate” Start-ups

How the Nonprofit Landscape Will Change in 2019

Immigration Alert: H-1B Visa Cap Filing Season begins 4/1/19

4 Ways To Ensure HIPAA Compliant Business Associate Agreements

Update on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield's Status

Political Activity for Tax-Exempt Organizations

The "Outside" GC: A New Opportunity for In-House Lawyers

Open Source Software Risks, Benefits & Best Practices for Start-ups

Massachusetts Non-Compete Reform Signed into Law

State Regulatory Oversight of Tax-Exempt Organizations

GDPR National Derogations: The Next Phase of EU Privacy Compliance

The Likely Demise of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield & Its Impact on U.S. Companies

5 Reasons Startups Need a Lawyer from Day 1

Conducting A Self-Evaluation of Pay Practices: An Affirmative Defense to Liability Under the New Massachusetts Pay Equity Law

15 Strategies For Team Empowerment In The Workplace

Even If You Are a U.S. Company, Don’t Ignore the GDPR

Does my Small, Simple Deal Really Need a Lawyer’s Input? -- 5 Examples Where Small Deals had Big Consequences

Does GDPR Apply to Nonprofits?

Should Employers Participate in the New DOL PAID Program? 

Preparing for the new Massachusetts Pay Equity Law

Virtual Currency and Charitable Donations

Up-Close: 7 Issues to Look for in a Service Level Agreement

Up-Close: Outbound Content Licensing Agreements

Deal Accelerators: False Advertising & Advertising Compliance 101

New York Paid Family Leave effective 1/1/18

Going Abroad? More Practical Considerations for Nonprofits Seeking International Expansion

Going Abroad? Practical Considerations for Nonprofits Seeking International Expansion

Deal Accelerators: 10 Potential Roadblocks to Online Product Launches and How to Avoid Them

Handbook for Employers: Guidance for Completing Form I-9

Immigration Alert: H-1B Visa Cap Filing Season begins 4/1/17

Meet Outside GC's Budding Novelist: Lew Segal Publishes With All Due Respect

Revised Form I-9 Now Available

In-House Counsel: Tackling the Toughest Deals, Part 4

In-House Counsel: Tackling the Toughest Deals, Part 3

In-House Counsel: Tackling the Toughest Deals, Part 2

New Overtime Rules for Non-Exempt Employees: Are Your Employees Properly Classified?

In-House Counsel: Tackling the Toughest Deals

Deal Accelerators: Put Your Marketing Collateral Compliance on the Fast Track

Deal Accelerators: Resources to help in-house lawyers support their business teams

What is the E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework & How Does Certification Work?

Immigration Alert: New regulations affecting “STEM OPT” employment

Privacy Alert: Latest Phishing Scheme Targets W-2s

The Changing Landscape for Off-Label Promotion

Leveraging Lessons from Abroad for Our Clients

Leverage the Benefits of On-Demand General Counsel for Your Business

Backstopping the CFO

Up Close: MA's new Earned Sick Time Law

Best Practices for Board Meeting Preparation

Why Trademark Searches Matter

Time to Review Your Employee Handbook

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