Alexander Puma

Client Success Manager

Alex serves as the Client Success Manager for Outside GC.

Alex is a motivated professional who is results-driven and passionate about creating enduring client relationships and attaining success. Drawing on his illustrious 25-year military career, Alex infuses his work as Client Success Manager with a special blend of strategic thinking, leadership, and operational knowledge. His demonstrated capacity for team empowerment and motivation, together with his in-depth knowledge of customer demands, enable him to successfully drive results and cultivate meaningful client connections.

Throughout his Air Force career, Alex consistently identified opportunities to improve efficiency and drive results. He spearheaded the creation of a first-ever innovation program for the Air Force’s legal branch, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. His leadership and dedication were also recognized with numerous awards, including being named paralegal of the year five times by his division. Leveraging his extensive experience, Alex thrived in various roles within the Air Force Judge Advocate General Department, including civil and general law paralegal, legal office manager, and legal office division chief. Living and working overseas in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for 16 years honed his ability to adapt to diverse environments and build strong relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Alex graduated from American Public University with a B.A. in Paralegal Studies and a M.Ed. in Education.

In his free time, Alex likes building SharePoint sites and creating applications in Microsoft Power Apps. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends, including hiking with his wife and watching his son play basketball.